Chromozcent I mean, Chrome & Iridescent a new visual journey full of colors, new way to explore your lovely world The pack fulfills the feelings of color surrounded by the light coming in 4K capped @30FPS where you can see the beautiful white light ray that contains all colors with a bit of VHS glitchy style driving us into a journey full of color wavey and chromatic vibes.
Introducing chromozcent Loops, chromozcent comes w/ 8 Loops capped @ 4 secs and yeah also in 4K choosing what fulfills my heart flowery glowy loops full of colors full of imagination .

Art Grab artist, Ziad Khaled, has put together an amazing set of visual resources for the Art Grab community. There are 2 sets of beautiful high-resolution animations and loops for you to download and use for free. First, a set of 12 different animations. Second, a set of 8 different loops.

You can find more about Chromozcent. 

More from Ziad's work

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