'Written In The Stars' is an album emerging from what will be remembered as strange times that saw many strange events and spur-of-the-moment gimmicks, but the music contained within this album is, as always, Roman's uncompromising artistic expression. Coming out hot on the heels of his 2 CD mix compilation 'Suanda Music 2021' that showcases his strength as a DJ and is set to become an annual tradition, 'Written In The Stars' shines the light on Roman's talent as a musician. Following in the footsteps of 'New Life', 'Ambition', and 'Dream', this album is yet another chapter in Roman's artistic journey.
In a way, Roman Messer's new studio album 'Written In The Stars' is also a product of its time, of course. It is impossible for an artist's work not to be one. But where others rushed their albums to release them in 2020, Roman was in no such hurry. Juggling the jobs of a label owner and a DJ with his own streamed radio show in addition to that of a music producer, the Russian artist had more than enough music-related work keeping him busy even in a year as crazy as that one was. And when it comes to making one's own music, Roman is adamant that quality can not be sacrificed for meeting some arbitrary deadlines.
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Roman Messer the producer and owner of Suanda Music label is preparing to release his fourth studio album and here the first single taken from new album called 'Can You See The Light'.
Roman Messer the producer and owner of Suanda Music label is preparing to release his fourth studio album and here the second single taken from new album called 'Sunset'.
Roman Messer the producer and owner of Suanda Music label is preparing to release his fourth studio album and here the next single taken from new album recorded with vocalist Romy Wave called 'Leave You Now'.
Roman Messer the producer and owner of Suanda Music label is preparing to release his fourth studio album and here the next single taken from new album recorded with Ruslan Radriges called 'Heartbeat'.
Roman Messer the producer and owner of Suanda Music label is preparing to release his fourth studio album and here the next single taken from new album recorded with Joe Jury called 'The River'.
A Grammy and IDMA nominated vocalist. The voice behind 'Sun & Moon', arguably one of the biggest vocal trance records of all time. It should come as no surprise that with a CV like this, Richard Bedford can perfectly afford to be picky about the artists he collaborates with. Indeed, in his career in dance music spanning some 15 years, the British singer has lent his voice to only four producers to date, including Armin van Buuren and Richard's long-term musical partners Above & Beyond. And now he teams up with a fifth one, Roman Messer, to deliver the anthemic 'Breathe', the latest single from Roman's upcoming 4th studio album.

For Roman, the honor of working with an accomplished vocalist like Richard definitely comes with responsibility to live up to the expectations in all things production. 'Breathe' is a finely tuned piece of contemporary vocal trance that subtly harkens back to the days of Bedford's 'Group Therapy' era songs, with a highly danceable uptempo progressive trance groove that carries Richard's warm voice and a powerful, soaring melodic climax - two of them, in fact - to complement the emotional lyrics. Even in the times that we find ourselves in these days, with limited opportunities to hear your favorite music on big room sound systems (for now!), you are sure to find yourself chair-raving to the sounds of this collaboration.

Enjoy this emotive vocal work and stay tuned for Roman Messer's new artist album coming later this year!
Teaming up once again, Roman and Cari deliver yet another powerful uplifting trance record. 'Written In The Stars' has Cari's instantly recognizable ethereal voice float among the synth layers of the expertly fine-tuned instrumental courtesy of Roman, both of them giving winks of acknowledgement to 'Serenity' in finer details of their respective work on 'Written In The Stars' but taking things in new, exciting and bold directions. The unorthodox vocal melody written by Cari and its arrangement by Roman, especially the prominently orchestral breakdown with world music influences, is undoubtedly the record's strongest and most memorable.
'Written In The Stars' is out now, and Roman Messer's upcoming eponymous artist album is due to be released in late 2021 - watch this space for more information!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, as the saying goes. If the previous collaborative outings of two producers were so successful, it's only natural to continue working together in the same direction. For Roman Messer from Russia and UK-based Davey Asprey, their newest single 'Impulse' marks a hat trick!
Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, 'Impulse' is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense 138 bpm energetic uplifting trance record, powered by a tight bassline driving the track forward and carrying the beautiful lead melody which captivates listeners just as well as a powerful lead vocal could. This was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt when Roman premiered the track as a hot ID at the Trancemission festival in Moscow and Saint Petersburg earlier this summer, and now 'Impulse' is out in all stores and streaming platforms for everyone to enjoy

An energetic uplifting trance record, 'Lately' is melodic, full of warm and lush synthwork driven by the relentless stomping kickdrum and bassline. Capable of bringing any dancefloor to life with its power and best reserved for peak time moments, the track introduces vocals by the scene veteran Jennifer Rene as a cherry on top. Rene is renowned in the world of trance and progressive for her work with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Joe Amnesia and Markus Schulz to name a few, and has now graced Roman and Mike's new track with her vocal performance, having previously appeared on another Suanda Music release earlier this year.
Roman Messer's latest single 'This Is Real' sees him team up with Gid Sedgwick, a UK vocalist and songwriter who burst onto the dance music scene in 2019 and has made quite a name for himself over these past couple of years. Gid is perhaps most famous for his collaborations with Anjunabeats' ilan Bluestone, including last year's anthemic 'Paid For Love', but he has already worked with plenty of artists across the scene, firmly establishing himself as one of the leading male voices in trance of this generation.

Male vocals have always had a 'make it or break it' reputation in trance music, but Roman Messer sees this as an interesting challenge for himself as a producer, having had plenty of such releases himself, most recently with the legendary Richard Bedford on 'Breathe' (released on Suanda Music three months ago). With this newest work 'This Is Real', he judges Gid Sedgwick's voice to be a perfect fit for a somewhat slower, progressive groove, and creates an instrumental that combines the best of both worlds in a way, with classic uplifting trance synth work that envelopes and enhances Gid's powerful vocals riding an upbeat 128 bpm groove that is sure to bring everyone out to the dance floor. Despite the tempo number, This Is most definitely Real trance.

'This Is Real' is the latest single from Roman Messer's upcoming artist album 'Written In The Stars', which is set to be released on November 26th on Suanda Music. Watch this space for more news regarding that!

For the latest single taken from his upcoming artist album, Roman Messer teams up with the Polish talent Anven.

For followers of Suanda Music, Anven should be a familiar name, but one that they have only started hearing about this year, with the first releases dating back to early 2021. However, Anven's story - and relationship with Roman - goes back farther than that. Formerly one half of the duo Sodality, this producer has more than six years of experience in the dance music scene and saw his first Suanda releases over three years ago already. Roman and Anven finally met in person in early 2020, at the Tranceformations festival in Poland - and that was when this future collaboration was born.

Back then, when they talked in one of the backstage rooms, Anven offered Roman to check a few ideas of music that he had been working on. Fast forward many months and studio sessions, and that early demo turned into a little something titled 'Moment'. Set to be the opening track of Roman's upcoming artist album 'Written In The Stars' that comes out just one week after, 'Moment' is a lighthearted piece of progressive trance, a perfect choice for early warmup minutes of a mix session. From the very first chords with ethereal vocals floating over them to the melodic drop, everything about this record just oozes sunshine and feel-good vibes - 'Moment' is sure to lighten up the mood of the listeners and put a smile on their faces.

'Moment' by Roman Messer and Anven is out now as a single, and Roman's artist album 'Written In The Stars' that includes 'Moment' is out on November 26 - keep an eye out for that one!
One of the progressive cuts from Roman's album, 'Immersion' is upbeat and bristling with energy. While the groove of its low end keeps things somewhat grounded (but bouncy!), the melodic components are responsible for that proper soaring trance feeling. 'Immersion' was produced together with Eldream and Mark Wild, both of them staple artists of Suanda Music and both hailing from Makhachkala, Russia. In June this year, the duo visited Roman in Saint Petersburg and made an appearance on his Suanda Music radioshow - unbeknownst to listeners at the time, that was when this collaboration was given finishing touches.

The single 'Immersion' is taken from Roman Messer's artist album 'Written In The Stars' that is out now - check it out on your favorite streaming platform or digital music store!

Two years have passed since the release of Roman Messer's previous long play 'Dream', and what a crazy couple years they have been. In 2021, we find ourselves in a world drastically different from that of 2019, with isolation from loved ones and the cancellation of countless public events being some of the more prominent topics of discussion in addition to the more morbid ones.

It is not surprising that, with nightlife almost ceasing to exist in 2020, many artists across the dance music scene channeled their frustration into studio time. Some put emphasis on DJ sets for virtual audiences online. Others wrote so-aptly-called 'lockdown albums'.

Every track of the album is featured in my Album Art playlist on Spotify!
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