Redwave Music Launched in April 2020, is label focus on release tracks in Melodic House & Techno for Trance music, Based in Belfast, UK.

Designing Label Cover Arts & Layouts

The wavey form of art driven by the label name REDWAVE, with a custom minimal layout to ensure simplicity and consistency of the label's look and art direction until meantime! 
This should be expressed in the use of minimalism and simple arrangement of elements on branded media and minimal fonts.

- Visuals for the Label

Catching the wavey style driven from the label music focus visuals were created in the form of waves, glitchy minimal vibes curated from the genre driven by the label itself creating a minimalistic look pleasing to an eye but also .. catchy.
Still Frames from Visuals
The Project is Licensed under the works of Ziad Khaled & ZUZAH STUDIOS

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